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동방신기 – Something

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A. 어휘 (Vocabulary)

깨우다 wake (someone) up 어젯밤 last night
아이돌 idol 불편하다 uncomfortable
망설이다 hesitate 다가오다 approach
못되다 bad 남자 guy, man
물러나다 step away 다치다 get hurt
거부하다 refuse 부족하다 not enough


B.  문법(Grammar : [ If = (으)면 ]

In some cases, we can translate [(으)면] into “if” or “when

1) Verb stem ending in a consonant + –으면

좋다 = be good
좋+ 으면 -> 좋으면: “if it’s good”

2) Verb stem ending in a vowel + –

가다 = go
가+ 면 -> 가: “if I go“

3) Noun ending in a consonant + –라면

남자 : guy
남자라면 : if I am a guy

4) Noun ending in a vowel : –이라면

휴일 : holiday
휴일이라면 -> if it’s a holiday



C. 가사 (Lyrics)

She got that something.
She got that something.
She’s just beautiful?
Not just beautiful.

She~ Watch Out.
Aha! Yeah~

제발, 나 좀 깨우지마.
Please don’t wake me up

어젯밤 한숨도 못 잤단 말야.
I didn’t sleep at all last night

수 많은 여자들, 모두 내가 좋대.
Countless girls all told me that they like me

아이돌 같대나 뭐래나.
Saying I look like an idol or something

솔직히 덤덤한 기분
To be honest, I’m not that surprised

언제나 내게 꽂혀버린 시선들
All eyes are locked on me, wherever I go

불편해도 뭘 어쩌겠어. 맨날 그래왔던 걸.
Even if it gets uncomfortable, what can I do, it’s always been this way

오늘도 난 burn like fire!
Tonight, like any night, I burn like a fire


She got that something

망설인다 나는 cry baby
If you hesitate, I’ll cry baby

들키지 말고 내게 살금 살금 살금 다가와 주
If you smoothly approach me without getting caught

내가 모른 척 넘어가 줄 텐데
I might just turn a blind eye and play along


내가 못된 남자라면?
If I’m a bad guy

여자를 울릴 남자라면?
If I’m a guy who makes girls cry

물러나는 게 좋아 다치기 전에.
It might be better for you to step away before you get hurt

거부할 수 없는 걸 알지만
Though I know you’d never be able to refuse me

흔하디 흔한 남자들이 지겨워졌다
Normal and average, if you’re sick of guys like that

그대로 All in! 위험한 Come in!
Then come put it all in, a dangerous come in

둘이 함께 burn like fire!
The two of us will burn like a fire

She got that something

넌 내게 부족해요 stop baby
You’re not enough for me, so stop baby

도도해 보이지만 나를 향한 눈빛이 흔들리지
You may look haughty, but I can see you staring at me

좀더 분발해야 될 껄
You’re going to have to do better than that


오늘밤은 기대해도 좋아 Friday night.
Get excited for what’s to come tonight, friday night

숨이 멎어 버릴지도 모를 멋진 밤
An amazing night that could steal your breath away

모두 다 흥에 겨워 즐거워할 때
Everyone’s into it and having a good time

너만 심각해
Only you are so serious

어쩌면 수줍은 거니 나를 맴도니
Are you shy, you keep hovering around me

Round and round and round Round round round

1, 2, 3

She got that something

내겐 아주 조금 모자라.
For me, you’re just missing a little something

그렇게 기회만 보
If all you do is look for an opportunity

때는 이미 늦은 걸 no no no no
It will already be too late no no no no


Yeah Hey hey Hey hey



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