My love from the star OST Part 2

My love from the star  OST PART 1

별에서 온 그대 OST Part 2

효린(Hyorin) 안녕 (Hello/Good bye)

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A. 어휘 (Vocabulary)

안녕 hello, goodbye 우연히 by coincidence
감싸 안다 embrace, hug 바라보다 stared at
dream 지금 (right) now
front 사랑 love
오다 come 그대 you,dear
떠나다 leave 바보 fool
흐르다 flow 눈물 tear
이제 (from) now 먼저 first
괜찮다 okay, alright 눈을 감다 close eyes
night 하늘 sky


B.  문법(Grammar :  verb + -는데 : but, however

 This pattern is used when the information in the second clause of the sentence is opposite of, in contrast to, or an unexpected result of what is presented in the first clause. It corresponds to ‘but’ in English.


맛있다 : be delicious

이 케이크는 맛있어요. 그런데 너무 비싸요.
This cake is delicious, but it’s too expensive

-> 이 케이크는 맛있는데 너무 비싸요.


먹다 : eat

제 친구는 밤에 많이 먹어요. 그런데 날씬해요.
My friends eats a lot at night, but she is slim.

-> 제 친구는 밤에 많이 는데 날씬해요.


* In the lyrics

사랑이 는데 그댄 떠난대
Love has come, but you say you are leaving.

기다렸는데 더 볼 수가 없대
I waited for you, but you say I can’t see you anymore


C. 가사 (Lyrics)

우연히 내게 다가와
You came to me by coincidence

감싸 안아주고
and embraced me

서로 멍하니 바라보다
as we blankly stared at each other,

건낸 말 안녕
you said goodbye

You only passed through in my dreams
꿈속에서만 스쳐갔던

But now you’re in front of me
지금 넌 내 앞에


사랑이 왔는데
Love has come

그댄 떠난대
But you say you’re leaving

I waited for you

더 볼 수가 없대
But you say I can’t see you anymore

늘 바보처럼
Always like a fool

흐르는 눈물이 말해
The flowing tears tell me

안녕 이젠 Good bye
Goodbye now, goodbye

Hello Hello Hello
Hello Hello


다시 만날 땐 내가 먼저
When we meet again, I’ll be the first to say

괜찮아 안녕
I’m alright, hello

꿈에서라도 마주칠까
Will I see you at least in my dreams?

두 눈을 감아요
I close my eyes


시간이 서둘러
I hope time hurries up

널 내게로 데려와주길
And brings you to me

단 한번만 말해주길
I hope you will tell me just once

믿어지지 않는 이야기를
Things that are unbelievable

어디 있는지
Where are you?

내맘 아는지
Do you know my heart?

보고 싶은데
I miss you

(다신 볼 수 없는 곳에)
(In a place I can’t ever see you again)

밤 하늘에 소리쳐 안녕
I shout to the night sky, hello


Hello Hello Hello
Hello Hello



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