KyuHyun – At Gwanghwamun



규현 (슈퍼주니어) – 광화문에서

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A. 어휘 (Vocabulary)

여름 summer 하루 one day
지치다 to be tired / tiring other people, stranger
세상 the world 자리 seat, spot
비가 내리다 to rain 젖다 to get wet
오다 to come 기다리다 to wait
행복하다 to be happy 기억 memory
모르다 to not know 찾다 to find
사랑스럽다 to be lovely 떠나다 to leave

B. 문법 (Grammar)

Noun + 처럼 : Like Noun
to express that a state or action is similar or the same as nouns.

1) 모델 : Model
– 모델처럼 : Like a model
– 지수 씨는 모델처럼 키가 커요. = Ms. Jisu is tall like a model.

2) 가수 : singer
– 가수처럼: Like a singer
– 민수 씨는 가수처럼 노래를 잘 해요: Mr. Minsu can sing well like a singer.

* In the lyrics
1) 바보 : a fool
– 바보처럼 : Like a fool

2) 그 때 : that time
– 그 때처럼 = like that time

C. 가사 (Lyric)

넌 어땠는지 아직 여름이 남아
How was your day? There’s still a little bit of summer left

왠지 난 조금 지쳤던 하루
For some reason, I had a tiring day

광화문 가로수 은행잎 물들 때
When the leaves changed color on the side of the road of Gwanghwamun

그제야 고갤 들었었나 봐
That was when I finally lifted my head

눈이 부시게 반짝이던 우리 둘은
We used to shine so bright together

이미 남이 되었잖아
But now we are strangers

네 품 안에서 세상이 내 것이었던
In your arms, the world was mine

철없던 시절은 안녕
Goodbye to those childish days

* Chorus

오늘 바보처럼
Today, like a fool,

그 자리에 서 있는 거야
I am standing at that spot

비가 내리면 흠뻑 젖으며
Getting wet in the rain

오지 않는 너를 기다려
Waiting for you, who won’t come

나는 행복했어
I was happy

그 손 잡고 걷던 기억에 또 뒤돌아 봐
At the memories of holding hands and

네가 서 있을까 봐
In case you are standing there

난 모르겠어 세상 살아가는 게
I don’t know if living in this world

늘 다른 누굴 찾는 일 인지
Is just about always looking for another person

커피 향 가득한 이 길 찾아오며
As I came to this street, filled with the aroma of coffee

그제야 조금 웃었던 나야
That was when I finally smiled

처음이었어 그토록 날 떨리게 한
It was the first time that someone made me that nervous

사람은 너 뿐이잖아
You were the only one

누구보다 더 사랑스럽던 네가 왜
You were more lovable than anyone else

내게서 떠나갔는지
But why did you leave me?

* Chorus

그 자리에서 매일 알아가
At that place, I get to know

조금씩 변해가는 내 모습은
How I’m slowly changing every day

먼 훗날엔 그저 웃어줘
In the far days ahead, just smile for me

난 행복해
I’m happy

오늘 여긴 그 때처럼 아름다우니
Because, today, this place is just as beautiful as back then

* Chorus



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