About Ara Korean Language Courses

* Each of our language courses is usually taken once a week.
The Beginner courses to Advanced level courses at Ara Korean Language School will take approximately three years to complete.

Each level (48 lessons in each level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced course) will take a year to finish.

* We have a wide range of time slots for each level to suit the time most convenient for you. 

* From the Beginner course, we will issue you a certificate at the end of each step.
(you have to pass the final test and meet the criteria of at least 75% attendance rate)

* As for registration for regular courses (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced),
a placement test is strongly required in order for us to allocate each applicant into the most proper class & lesson.


overall stage of Ara Korean Courses

 Should you have any enquiries, please let us know through our website.


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A. I have never learnt Korean  → Phonics class

B. I have learnt Korean before & I know how to read and pronounce Korean alphabet → Regular Courses



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