KDrama Gu Family Book OST

KDrama Gu Family Book OST

Baek Ji Young (백지영) – Spring Rain(봄비)

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A. 어휘 (Vocabulary)

사랑 love 봄비 spring rain
적시다 soak 가슴 heart
녹이다 melt 달다 sweet
처음 first 태어나다 be born
rain 오늘 today
내일 tomorrow 알다 know
느끼다 feel 감추다 hide
웃다 smile 그리다 draw
향기 scent 운명 destiny

 B. 문법 (Grammar)

-는다, -ㄴ다 : -ing (doing, being)

A plain declarative sentence is used to make a neutral statement about a fact. It can be a statement about a speaker’s observation or thought.
It is much like thinking to oneself, out loud. Statements in this form are about the speaker’s observation or thought in the present. 

It is not directed towards anyone in particular (including oneself), thus, it cannot be categorized according to the usual level of politeness (eg.먹습니다/ 먹어요/ 먹어). However, it is closer to the ‘intimate’ politeness level(eg.먹어) than to the other levels accorded to other people in the sense that it is expressed aloud but only in the presence of a listener who is somewhat close to the speaker.


How to Conjugate?

(1) Adjective + 다

– This is exactly the same as the basic form.


(2) An action verb stem ending in a vowel + -ㄴ다

eg. 가다(go) = 가 + ㄴ다 = 간다


(3) An action verb stem ending in a consonant + – 는다

eg. 먹다(eat) = 먹 + 는다 = 먹는다


* In the lyrics

달다(sweet) = 달다

적시다(wet) = 적시+ㄴ다 = 적신다

깨우다(awake) = 깨우 + ㄴ다 = 깨운다

내리다(fall) = 내리+ㄴ다 = 내린다

오다(come) = 오+ㄴ다 = 온다

웃다(smile) = 웃+는다 = 웃는다


B. 문법 (Grammar)


사랑은 봄비처럼 다가와
Love comes to me like spring rain

촉촉하게 날 흠뻑 적신다
Completely soaking me

얼어붙어 있던 내 가슴을 소리도 없이 녹이며 날 깨운다
Without a sound, it melts my frozen heart and awakens me

It’s sweet

아련한 느낌 설레이는 맘
This vague feeling, this fluttering heart

지금까지 난 알지 못했던 사랑인가봐
I guess I haven’t known love till now

사랑은 처음처럼 날 다시 태어날 수 있게 만든다
Love makes me be born again Like the very first time

비가 내린다 오늘도 또 내일도
Rain falls again, today and tomorrow

너를 닮은 비가 내려 온다
Rain that resembles you is falling

It’s sweet

아련한 느낌 감춰왔던 맘
This vague feeling, this hidden heart

사랑을 알고 느낄 수 있음에
Because I can know and feel love

나 너에게 정말 감사해
I really thank you

사랑은 처음처럼 날 다시 태어날 수 있게 만든다
Love makes me be born again Like the very first time

나는 웃는다 오늘도 또 내일도
I’m smiling again, today and tomorrow

그려본다 널 느껴본다
I draw you out, I feel you

봄비가 내리던 그 날
The day when the spring rain fell

언제나 네 향기로 가득했던 날
The day that was filled with your scent

나의 사랑은 그렇게 시간을 거슬러
My love goes back in time

운명처럼 봄비가 되어 온다
And falls down as spring rain, like destiny



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